Sucres et huiles: des ingrédients clés pour la chimie biosourcée

Duguet, Nicolas (CNRS) ; Métay, Estelle (CNRS) ; Lemaire, Marc (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) ; Queneau, Yves (CNRS) ; Moebs-Sanchez, Sylvie (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon) ; Ahmar, Mohammed (CNRS) ; Popowycz, Florence (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon)

Abstract: Carbohydrates and their derivatives (polyols, furans), and fats, offer a variety of starting materials with complementary chemical nature. After reminding the main issues of their chemistry, this paper illustrates how combining the biomolecular chemistry, organic synthesis and catalysis can propose new routes and innovative platforms. Are described results on polyol and fatty acid modification, their transformation in valuable products for specialty chemicals, (surfactants, monomers…), and their use as platform molecules. The focus is made on the benefit of innovative, clean, efficient, safe routes, providing access to bio-based compounds.

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Published in: L'Actualité Chimique: N° 427-428 (Mars-Avril 2018), p. 39-45

Note de localisation: CNUDST (TUN01)
Code de rangement: SP 1-3

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