Mieux comprendre les difficultés de développement du doggy bag en France: une analyse par l'approche des représentations sociales

Akli Achebou, Mohamed (Université de Srasbourg) ; Dekhili, Sihem (Université de Srasbourg) ; Tagbata, Didier (Université de Strasbourg)

Abstract: This article aims to understand the representations associated to the doggy bag and the way that they determine the adoption of such practice as a mean to halt food waste. Through a double approach relying on individuals interviews of French consumers and restaurant owners, this research identifies the obstacles to the adoption of the practice. Those curbs group around two segments: 1) material obstacles that relate to the low practicality of the doggy bag for the customer, to the sanitary risk, to the perceived lack of efficiency of the practice on an environmental aspect and to the cost of the packaging; and 2) the obstacles linked to culture and social norms. Results also allow identifying levers to foster the establishment of the doggy bag within the French territory.

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Published in: Décisions Marketing: n° 92 (Octobre-Décembre 2018), p. 53-76

Note de localisation: CNUDST (TUN01)
Code de rangement: SP 8-5

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