La Valorisation de la biomasse par métathèse des oléfines: un véritable enjeu pour demain

Olivier- Bourbigou, Hélène (IFPEN) ; Raoul, Yann ; Piot, Patrick ; Christophe, Crévisy ; Baslé, Olivier (CNRS) ; Mauduit, Marc (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes)

Abstract: With the ineluctable rarefaction of fossil resources, the production of biosourced synthetic building-blocks from renewable raw materials has become one of the major challenges of the 21 st century. To this concern, the olefin metathesis offers promising alternatives allowing to convert with efficiency olefins from vegetables into molecules of interest, while guaranteeing a low carbon footprint.To illustrate this, two metathesis processes involving innovative ruthenium-based catalysts are presented: the economically sustainable transformation of alphaterminal olefins from a Fisher-Tropsch feed derived from biomass (wood astes) into highly desirable internal olefins, precursors of bioscourced plasticizers, and the pilot-scale transformation of non-refined unsaturated fatty esters from very high oleic sunflower oils (VHOSO) into corresponding unsaturated diesters and hydrocarbons, precursors of polymers and lubricants.

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Published in: L'Actualité Chimique: N° 432 (Septembre 2018), p. 18-28

Note de localisation: CNUDST (TUN01)
Code de rangement: SP 1-3

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