La Nature fait bien les choses: quand la chimie s'en inspire...

Brazzoloto, Deborah (Université de Californie)

Abstract: Leonardo da Vinci used to say : « Learn from Nature, it is in it that we’ll find the future. » This quote makes sense when we think about bio-inspired chemistry. It is a field in great expansion where the chemists’ job is to be inspired by the chemical phenomena that occur in nature, to understand and to try to reproduce them in order to synthesize efficient catalysts for the activation and the reduction of small molecules such as protons or dioxygen for example. This is why in synthesizing a model of the NiFe hydrogenase, enzyme which reversibly catalyses proton reduction in dihydrogen, is particularly interesting for chemists. By reproducing in a synthetic molecule key elements of the active site of these enzymes, new catalysts using non-noble metals for proton reduction can be developed. The activation and the reduction of O2 by manganese complexes in order to understand which factors promote a bi- or a tetra-electronic reduction of O2 leading to the production of H2O2 or water have been synthesized and characterized.

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Published in: L'Actualité Chimique: N° 432 (Septembre 2018), p. 41-44

Note de localisation: CNUDST (TUN01)
Code de rangement: SP 1-3

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