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1. Electrical behaviour and optical properties of screen - printed ITO thin films / Bessais, B. ; Ezzaouia, H. ; Bennaceur, R. [TA 1996129805]
Published in:Semiconductor Science and Technology (GBR): vol. 8 (n. 8), pp. 1671-1678
2. Correlation of photoluminescence spectra and structure of porous silicon / Bessais, B. ; Ezzaouia, H. ; Houichet, H. ; Oueslati, M. [TA 1996328483]
Published in:Semiconductor Science and Technology (GBR): vol. 11 (no 12), pp. 1815-1820
3. Changes in photoluminescence behaviour and structure of porous silicon related to preparation conditions and laser irradiation / Houichet, H. ; Bessais, B. ; Ben-Younes, O. ; Ezzaouia, H. ...[et al.] [TA 1997267536]
Published in:Thin Solid Films (CHE): vol. 304 (no 1-2), pp. 358-364
4. Photoluminescence enchancement and degradation in porous silicon: evidence for nonconventional photoinduced defects / Houichet, H. ; Oueslati, M. ; Bessas, B. ; Ezzaouia, H. [TA 1997113649]
Published in:Journal of Luminescence (NLD): vol. 71 (no 1), pp. 77-82
5. Origin of the photoluminescence shifts in porous silicon / Houichet, H. ; Bessais, B. ; Ben-Younes, O. ; Ezzaouia, H. ...[et al.] [TA 1997113746]
Published in:EPJ. Applied Physics (FRA): vol. 1 (no 2), pp. 153-157
6. Morphological study of GaN layers grown on porous silicon / Missaoui, A. ; Ezzaouia, H. ; Bessais, B. ; Boufaden, T. ...[et al.] [TA 2001634014]
Published in:Materials Science and Engineering. B, Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology (CHE): vol. 93 (no. 1-3), pp. 102-106
7. Fabrication de nouveaux materiaux semi-conducteurs en vue de leur utilisation dans les dispositifs electroniques et la conversion photovoltaique: analyse, caracterisation et modelisation / Ezzaouia, H. [U478]
8. Realisation des cellules photovoltaiques au silicium monocristallin en reseaux de surface par une nouvelle technique de gravure au silicium poreux / Jaffel Hayet ; Ezzaouia, H. [U16618]
9. Preparation et etude des parametres de transport de monocristaux de RuS--: application a la photoelectrolyse de l'eau / Ezzaouia, H. [U1299]
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