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A Brief navigation in the realm of spatio-temporal reasoning / Isli, A. , 2004 [TU B02 HAM]
Published in:Genie logiciel et intelligence artificielle (MCSEAI 2004): pp. 361-372
Proposition of Turonian boundaries of the Tethyan realm on the basis foraminifers / Salaj, J. [TA 07286]
Published in:Geol. Sb. (CSK): vol. 037 (no 04), pp. 483-499
Development of communication protocols with algebraic-temporal specifications / Jmaiel, M. [U10196]
New methods for maintaining case based reasoning based on clustering techniques and competence models / Smiti Abir ; Elouedi, Zied [U21867]
A Brief guide to centres of international lending and photocopying / BENNET, R.J. , 1984 [BIB D05 IFL]
Specification of communication protocols using temporal logic / Jmaiel, M. [TA 1996328455]
Published in:Journal of Systems and Software (USA): vol. 33 (no 3), pp. 299-312
Seismotectonics and seismology in the arab region: a brief summary and future plans / Adams, R.-D. ; Barazangi, M. [TA 07667]
Published in:Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am. (USA): vol. 074 (no 03), pp. 1011-1030
The Reasonable and the unreasonable in chomskyan linguistics / Cant, P. , 2005 [RTU 19]
Published in:Rev. Tun. Lang. Vivantes: (no 12), pp. 133-150
Context-sensitive recommendation for mobile end-devices based on soft constraint reasoning / Karoui Tarek [U17561]
Contribution à la formalisation des diagrammes de communication UML2 à base des réseaux Workflow temporels pour la vérification des systèmes temps réel / Chaouachi, Mounira ; Louati, Aymen [U23114]
Aujourd'hui, les recherches scientifiques se focalisent de plus en plus sur les systèmes temps réel (STR). [...]

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