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Limitations of atomic absorption spectrophotometry applied to spectrometric oil analysis / LEVINSOHN, H. , 1984 [Br.BIB.315]
Published in:Asle Transactions: vol. 27 (no 1), pp. 24-32
Chromium(III) / chromium(VI) speciation analysis by ion chromatographic separation and direct atomic absorption spectrometric detection / BEER, H.-D. ; COETZEE, P.-P. , 1988 [Br.BIB.1174]
Published in:South African journal of chemistry: vol. 41, pp.-152-156
Improving the wear metal detection of spectrometric oil analysis / Costandy S. Saba , 1990 [Br.BIB.307]
Published in:Lubrication Engineering: vol. 46 , pp. 310-316
Dosage des nitrates par spectrophotometrie (d'absorption) en U.V. dans les sols agricoles tunisiens / Sanaa, M. ; Saidane, A. , 1989 [RTU 12]
Published in:Rev. Inst. Nat. Agr. Tunisie: vol. 4 (no 1), pp. 103-110
Determination des conditions optimales pour le dosage de l'arsenic et de l'antimoine par le systeme des hydrures couple au spectrophotometrie d'absorption atomique: application a l'analyse des grilles des accumulateurs au plomb / Kochkar, H. [U7694]
Comparison of solid-phase microextraction and dynamic headspace methods for the gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of light-induced lipid oxidation products in milk / MARSILI, R.-T. , 1999 [Br.BIB.966]
Published in:Journal of Chromatographic Science: vol. 37 (no 1), pp. 17-23
Abstract and Applied Analysis
License: CC BY
External links: Download fulltextPage de la revue sur; Download fulltextSite de la revue
Determination of trace heavy metals in waters by atomic-absorption spectrometry after preconcentration by liquid-phase polymer-based retention / SHKINEV, V.-M. ; SPIVAKOV, B.-Y. ; GOMOLITSKII, V.-N. ; GECKELER, K.-E. , 1989 [Br.BIB.434]
Published in:Atalanta: vol. 36 (no 8), pp. 861-863
A Review of ferrography applied to diesel engine oil analysis uberblik der ferrographie zur analyse von dieselmotorenolen / JONES, M.-H. , 1982 [Br.BIB.664]
Published in:Internationales Jahrbuch der Tribologie: vol. 1, pp. 133-139
Peristaltic pumps-fourier transforms: ca coupling of interest in continuous flow flame atomic absorption spectrometry / GARCIA, I.-L. w ; MERLOS, M.-S. ; VINAS, P. ; CORDOBA, M.-H. , 1996 [Br.BIB.1107]
Published in:Spectrochimica Acta: no 92

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