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The Effect of variable stratification on linear doubly diffusive stability / Zangrando, F. ; Lee A. Bertram , 1985 [Br.BIB.364]
Published in:Journal of Fluid Mechanics: vol. 151, pp. 55-79
Modelling between furrow spatial variability effects in furrow irrigation / Alouini, A. [U3970]
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Traitement des couches limites MHD dynamique et de diffusion avec une conductivite variable en regime non stationnaire / Turki, S. [U8246]
Variable-property effects in laminar aiding and opposing mixed convection of air in vertical tubes / NESREDDINE ; GALANIS, N. ; NGUYEN, C.-T. [Br.BIB.3306]
Published in:Numerical Heat Transfer Part A: vol. 31 (no 1), pp. 53-69
Double-diffusive convection with large variable gardients / WALTON, I.-C. , 1982 [Br.BIB.362]
Published in:Journal of Fluid Mechanics: vol. 125, pp. 123-135
On The Use of random walk models with spatially variable diffusivity / HUNTER, J-R. ; CRAIG, P.-D. ; PHILLIPS, H.-E. , 1993 [Br.BIB.2011]
Published in:Journal of Computational Physics: vol. 106 (no 2), pp. 366-376
Impact of wind energy on power systems / Mehouachi, Ines ; Chebbi, Souad [U23027]
Effect of tillering on yield and stability of yield in Barley / Makni, M.-S. [U1001]
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Numerical study of the effect of mainflow transverse velocities in linear stability theory for a plane jet / Mokni, N. ; Marzouk, S. ; Mhiri, H. ; Le-Palec, G. ...[et al.] , 2000 [RTU 02]
Published in:Ann. Maghr. Ing.: vol. 14 (no 1), pp. 29-50
Effect of natural convection on stability of flow in a vertical pipe / SCHEELE, G.-F. ; HANRATTY, T.-J. , 1962 [Br.BIB.2329]
Published in:Journal of Fluid Mechanics: vol.14, pp. 244-257

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