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Some remarks on the integration of the extended nernst-planck equations in the hyperfiltration of multicomponent solutions / DRESNER, L. , 1972 [Br.BIB.534]
Published in:Desalination: vol. 10 (no 1), pp. 27-46
Calculation of ion rejection by extended nernst-planck equation with charged reverse osmosis membranes for single and mixed electrolyte solutions / Toshinori Tsuru ; Shin-Ichi Nakao ; Shoji Kimura , 1991 [Br.BIB.530]
Published in:Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan: vol. 24 (no 4), pp. 511-517
Application of the UNIQUAC equation to calculation of multicomponent phase equilibria. 2. Liquid-liquid equilibria / ANDERSON, T.-F. ; PRAUSNITZ, J.-M. , 1978 [Br.BIB.1739]
Published in:Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Process Design and Development: vol. 17 (no 4), pp. 561-567
Activity coefficients of strong electrolytes in multicomponent aqueous solutions / MEISSNER, H.-P. ; KUSIK, C.-L. , 1972 [Br.BIB.1774]
Published in:Aiche Journal: vol. 18, pp. 294-304
A Thermodynamic model of CaSO4 solubility in multicomponent aqueous solutions / Diego Barbara ; Vincenzo Brandani ; Gabrielle di Giacomo , 1982 [Br.BIB.2561]
Published in:The Chemical Engineering Journal: vol. 24, pp. 191-200
Thermodynamics of multicomponent, miscible, ionic systems: theroy and equations / Kenneth S. Pitzer ; John M. Simonson , 1986 [Br.BIB.678]
Published in:Journal of Physical Chemistry: vol. 90 (no 13), pp. 3005-3009
Models for aqueous electrolyte mixtures for systems extending from dilute solutions to fused salts / Roberto T. Pabalan ; Kenneth S. Pitzer , 1990 [Br.BIB.679]
Published in:Chemical Modeling of Aqueous Systems: vol. 416, pp. 44-57
Energy integration of industrial processes based on the pinch analysis method extended to include exergy factors / STAINE, F. ; FAVRAT, D. [Br.BIB.3371]
Published in:Applied Thermal Engineering: vol. 16 (no 6), pp. 497-507
Evaporation of volatile solvent from saline multicomponent droplets carried in a stream of air / Golli, S. ; Bricard, J. ; Treiner, C. ; Arnaud, G. [TA 07967]
Donnees theoriques et experimentales sur l'evaporation de gouttes de 1-8 u m de diametre, dans une soufflerie, dans un courant d'air turbulent de 5 m par sec [...]
Published in:J. Aerosol. Sci. (GBR): vol. 08 (no 01), pp. 39-54
Une theorie de representation des solutions de l'equation de la chaleur d'ordre superieur / Ould-Ahmed Mahmoud, S. [U6727]

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