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Surface activity of sulphated rice-bran and cotton seed alkylolamides / ZIMAITY, T. ; AFSAH, F. , 1978 [Br.BIB.576]
Published in:Egyptian Journal of Chemistry: vol. 19 (no 2), pp. 323-329
Etude des surfaces actives par la methode iterative / Ferchichi, W. [U16139]
Study of the in vitro antioxidant activity of extracts from sesame seeds / Ben-Othman Sana [U22473]
Rendre toute surface active: le nouveau défi du photovoltaïque / Boulanger, Vincent [SP 8-2]
Published in:Journal du Photovoltaïque: Réseau & Auto-Consommation: N° 25 (Janvier-Février-Mars 2018), p. 22-24
Sodium chloride effect on lipid use and catalase activity during Medicago seeds germination / Daoud Ben-Miled, D. ; Cherif, A. , -[s.d.] [TU A05.01 CHE]
Published in:Metabolism structure and utilization of plant lipids: pp. 335-340
Structure-antioxidant activity relationships of flavonoids and phenolic acids / RICE EVANS, C.-A. ; MILLER, N.-J. ; PAGANGA, G. [Br.BIB.3349]
Published in:Free Radical Biology and Medecine: vol. 20 (no 20), pp. 933-956
A Comparison of chemical activity of ordered and disordered tetrahedrally coordinated semiconductor surfaces / Mark, Peter , 1975 [AD-A061 993]
Published in:Catalysis Reviews: Science and Engineering: vol. 12 (no 1), pp. 71-91
Preparation and properties of surface active ketones and oximes / Masuyama, A. ; Komada, S. ; Okahara, M. , 1989 [Br.BIB.557]
Published in:Tenside Surfactants Detergents: vol. 26 (no 5), pp. 329-333
Analysis of surface-active agents by lon-exchange chromatography / Tatuya Hirose ; Takeshi Akieda ; Hideaki Kasimura , 1992 [Br.BIB.594]
Published in:Reports Central Customs Laboratory: vol. 31, pp. 115-125
Evaluation of the total antioxidant activity as a marker of the deterioration of apple juice on storage / MILLER, N.-J. ; DIPLOCK, A.-T. ; RICE EVANS, C.-A. [Br.BIB.2873]
Published in:Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: vol. 43 (no 7), pp. 1794-1801

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