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Factors affecting which phase will disperse when immiscible liquids are stirred together / SELKER, A.-H. ; SLEICHER, C.-A. , 1965 [Br.BIB.653]
Published in:Canadian Journal Of Chemical Engineering: vol. 46, pp. 298-301
Factors affecting the phase inversion of dispersed immiscible liquid-liquid mixtures / Mc-CLAREY, M.-J ; MANSOORI, G.-A. , 1978 [Br.BIB.898]
Published in:Aiche Symposium Series: vol. 74 (no 173), pp. 134-139
Arabic cultural / educational and linguistic background as factors affecting efl writing performance / Labidi, A. [U8544]
Self compensating high power factor single-phase voltage controllers / Smiai, M.-S. [U7246]
Factors affecting choice feeding of female broilers / Belhadj Ammar, S. [U4898]
Factors affecting vitamin E production using plant cell culture of Carthamus tinctorius / Toshiya Takeda ; Minoru Seki ; Shintaro Furusaki ; Tsutomu Furuya , 1993 [Br.BIB.867]
Published in:Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan: vol. 26 (no 5), pp. 470-474
Factors affecting the gravimetric determination of the oxidative stability of oils / GARCIA MESA, J.-A. ; CASTRO, M.-D.-L. ; VALCARCEL, M. , 1993 [Br.BIB.1532]
Published in:Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society: vol. 70 (no 3), pp. 245-247
Factors affecting continuation rates of DMPA / David Hubacher ; Norman Goco ; Brigitte Gonzalez ; Doug Taylor , 1999 [Br.BIB.1835]
Published in:Contraception: vol. 60, pp. 345-351
Fertility declines in Tunisia: factors affecting recent trends / Ayad, M.ohamed ; Jemai, Yolande , 1978 [TU D08 ALL]
Published in:Women's status and fertility in the muslim world: pp. 152-163
"A comparative study of factors affecting employees" motivation in the public and private sector in UAE / Koshy, George [U21837]

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