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Rapid and convenient separation of phospholipids and non phosphorus lipids from rat heart using silica cartridges / Pierre Juaneda ; Gerard Rocquelin , 1985 [Br.BIB.1255]
Published in:Lipids: vol. 20 (no 1), pp. 40-41
Effect of high-fat diet on carbohydrate metabolism in trained rats / El-Elj, Naziha ; Lac, Gerard ; Zaouali, Monia ; Tabka, Zouhaier , 2010-2011 [RTU 12]
Published in:Revue de la Faculte des Sciences de Bizerte: vol. 9, p. 120-127
Acute effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on body composition, cardio metabolic traits, explosive strength and postural balance control in untrained overweight/obese young females / Salhi, Amal ; Hammami, Nadhir [U23135]
Isolation, identification, and antioxidant activity of three stilbene glucosides newly extracted from vitis vinifera cell cultures / Pierre Waffo Teguo ; Bernard Fauconneau ; Gerard Deffieux ; Francois Huguet , 1998 [Br.BIB.2460]
Published in:Journal of Natural Products: vol. 61 (no 5), pp. 655-657

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