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A New future for absorption? recent investigations provide opportunities for use in heat actuated heat pumps and the development of new higher-efficiency cycles / Benjamin A. Phillips , 1986 [Br.BIB.1289]
Published in:ASHRAE Journal: pp. 38-42
Evaluation of low temperature geothermal energy through the use of heat pump / KARA, Y.-A. ; YUKSEL, B. [Br.BIB.3209]
Published in:Energy Conversion and Management: vol. 42 (no 6), pp. 773-781
Analysis of water use efficiency in cereal farms: case of irrigated perimeters in Chebika-Kairouan (Tunisia) / Bahri Walid ; Tzouvelekas, Vangelis [U22818]
Energy use management: Volume 3/4 / Fazzolare, Rocco ; Smith, Craig B. , 1978 [BIB B05 FAZ]
Fertilizer management and genetic diversity as approaches for improving nitrogen use efficiency in potato / Rabhi, M. [U13850]
Efficient electricity use: a practical handbook for an energy constrained world / Smith, Craig B. , 1976 [BIB B05 SMI]
OPACARB®FL: une nouvelle génération de réacteur à charbon actif / Gaid, Kader ; Sauvignet, Philippe [SP 7-4]
A large number of organic micro pollutants(pesticides,endocrine disruptors,pharmaceutical residues...)are poorly removed by conventional waste water treatment plants. [...]
Published in:L'EAU, l'INDUSTRIE, LES NUISANCES: N° 416 (Novembre 2018), p. 71-76
Response of sunflower to strategies of irrigation 1. Growth, yield and the efficiency of water-use / CONNOR, D.-J. ; JONES, T.-R. ; PALTA, J.-A. , 1985 [Br.BIB.1357]
Published in:Field Crops Research: vol. 10 (no 1), pp. 15-36
On The Use of random walk models with spatially variable diffusivity / HUNTER, J-R. ; CRAIG, P.-D. ; PHILLIPS, H.-E. , 1993 [Br.BIB.2011]
Published in:Journal of Computational Physics: vol. 106 (no 2), pp. 366-376
Efficience de l'utilisation de "15N-Engrais" par le sorgho fourrager irrigue avec les eaux usees traitees / Khelil, M.-N. ; Rejeb, S. ; Henchi, B. ; Nasr, H. ...[et al.] , 2000 [RTU 02]
Published in:Ann. INRGREF: (no 4), pp. 14-26

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