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Chromium, nickel and cobalt contents of some australian cements / Ram Tandon ; Bert Aarts , 1993 [Br.BIB.1297]
Published in:Contact Dermatitis: vol. 28 (no 4), pp. 201-205
A Discussion of the paper "Determination and auantification of total chromium and water soluble chromium contents in commercial cements" by M.frias and M.I. sanchez rojas / BENSTED, J. , 1996 [Br.BIB.1176]
Published in:Cement and concrete research: bibliogr. 5 ref., vol. 26 (no 2), pp.329-330
Durability studies of concrete containing low cement content and fine particles of foundry slag / PAVLENKO, S.-I. ; BOGUSEVICH, V.-S. , 1994 [Br.BIB.1746]
Published in:ACI Special Publication: vol. 145, pp. 1069-1086
Chromium cobalt and nickeL in swedish cement, detergents, mould and cutting oils / WAHLBERG, J.-E. ; LINDSTEDT, G. ; EINARSSON, O. , 1977 [Br.BIB.1190]
Published in:Berufs-Dermatosen: vol. 25 (no 6), pp. 220-228

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