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Grapevine responses to salinity / WALKER, R.-R. , 1994 [Br.BIB.1361]
Published in:Bulletin de l'OIV: vol. 67 (no 761-762), pp. 634-661
Transient response of latent heat storage in greenhouse solar system / HUANG, B.-K. ; TOKSOY, M. ; CENGEL, Y.-A. , 1986 [Br.BIB.2050]
Published in:Solar Energy: vol. 37 (no 4), pp. 279-292
Mavour development in the vineyard: impact of viticultural practices on grape monoterpenes and their relationship to wine sensory response / REYNOLDS, A.-G. ; WARDLE, D.-A. , 1997 [Br.BIB.2055]
Published in:South African Journal for Enology and Viticulture: vol. 18 (no 1), pp. 3-18
Effect of sodium chloride salinity on cation equilibria in grapevine / GARCIA, M. ; CHARBAJI, T. , 1993 [Br.BIB.2056]
Published in:Journal of Plant Nutrition: vol. 16 (no 11), pp. 2225-2237
Salt tolerance in grapes. II. Effect of salinity on mineral composition of plants / DIVATE, M.-R. ; PANDEY, R.-M. , 1981 [Br.BIB.2058]
Published in:Indian Journal of Plant Physiology: vol. 24 (no 4), pp. 361-365
Response of counterflow heat exchangers to step changes of flow rates / Romie, F.-E. , 1999 [Br.BIB.2569]
Published in:Journal of Heat Transfer: vol. 121 (no 3), pp. 746-748
Separating the effects of foliar and root salt uptake on growth and mineral composition of four grapevine cultivars on their own roots and on 'Ramsey' rootstock / Rob M. Stevens ; Gordon Harvey ; Gerry Davies , 1996 [Br.BIB.2098]
Published in:Journal of the American Society for Horticultural: vol. 121 (no 3), pp. 569-575
Les Associations professionnelles en sciences de l'information: le cas du Maroc / Aloui, Sihem [SP 6-5]
Les professionnels de l'information, dans la diversité de leurs profils académiques et professionnels (archivistes, gestionnaires de documents, techniciens en documentation, bibliothécaires, veilleurs, etc.) sont des acteurs responsables de la gestion de la valeur dans la prise de décision, que ce soit dans le domaine administratif, économique ou encore socioculturel. [...]
Published in:Documentation et Bibliothèques: Vol 64, n° 3 (Juillet-Septembre 2018), p. 55-62
Aqueous systems at high temperature: solubility to 200°C. Of calcium sulfate and its hydrates in sea water and saline water concentrates, and temperature-concentration limits / William L. Marshall ; Ruth Slusher , 1968 [Br.BIB.2119]
Published in:Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data: vol. 13 (no 1), pp. 83-93
Calculation of saline waters supersaturation on CaCO3, Mg(OH)2 ANO CaSO4, taking into account ion associates formation / MARTYNOVA, O.-I. ; VASINA, L.-G. ; KROTOVA, I.-S. , 1976 [Br.BIB.2130]
Published in:Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Fresh Water from the Sea:

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