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Structural studies on colostrum and milk lactoferrins from different species / MAHFOUZ, M.-B. , 1997 [Br.BIB.2583]
Published in:Egyptian Journal of Dairy Science: vol. 25, pp. 41-53
Changes of lactoferrin concentration in colostrum and milk from different species / ABD EL-GAWAD, I.-A. ; EL-SAYED, E.-M. ; MAHFOUZ, M.-B. ; ABD EL-SALAM, A.-M. , 1996 [Br.BIB.2582]
Published in:Egyptian Journal of Dairy Science: vol. 24, pp.297-308
Study on the performance of three different capillary gas chromatographic analyses in the evaluation of milk fat purity / Milena Povolo ; Eliana Bonfitto ; Giovanna Contarini ; Piero M. Toppino , 1999 [Br.BIB.850]
Published in:Journal of High Resolution Chromatography: vol. 22 (no 2), pp. 97-102
Chemical composition and coagulating properties of renneted milks from different breeds and species of ruminant / John E. Storry ; Alistair S. Grandison ; David Millard ; Graeme D. Ford , 1983 [Br.BIB.1265]
Published in:Journal of Dairy Research: vol. 50 (no 2), pp. 215-229
Distribution of minerals and proteins between the soluble and colloidal phases of pressurized milks from different species / Rosina Lopez-Fandino ; Miguel Angel de la Fuente ; Mercedes Ramos ; Agustin Oland , 1998 [Br.BIB.1560]
Published in:Journal of Dairy Research: vol. 65, pp. 69-78
The Effect of temperature on stomatal aperture in different species / HOFSTRA, G. ; HESKETH, J.-D. [Br.BIB.2783]
Published in:Canadian Journal of Botany: vol. 47, pp. 1307-1310
Studies on the physio-chemical characteristics of date fruits of five UAE cultivars at different stages of maturity / AL-HOOTI, S. ; SIDHU, J.-S. ; QABAZARD, H. [Br.BIB.2906]
Published in:Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research: vol. 13 (no 3), pp. 553-569
Comparative wettability study of polystyrene functionalized with different proteins / BOUAFSOUN, A. ; PONSONNET, L. ; KERKENI, A. ; JAFFREZIC, N. [Br.BIB.3073]
Published in:Materials Science and Engineering: vol. 27, pp. 709-715
A Shear viscosity study of cerium (3) nitrate in concentrated aqueous solutions at different temperatures / Ouerfelli, N. ; Bouanz, M. [TA 1996328568]
Published in:Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter (GBR): vol. 8 (no 16), pp. 2763-2774
Citrus peels phenolic compounds: molecular structure, biological activity, functional properties and different extraction methods: a review / Mhiri, N. ; Ioannou, I. ; Ghoul, M. ; Mihoubi Boudhrioua, N. , 2015 [RTU 03]
Published in:Bulletin des Sciences et Techniques: (no 1), pp. 76-82

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