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Ethylene, water relations and tolerance to waterlogging of three eucalyptus species / BLAKE, T.-J. ; REID, D.-M. , 1981 [Br.BIB.2592]
Published in:Australian Journal of Plant Physiology: vol. 8, pp. 497-505
Photosynthesis and shoot water status of seedlings from different oak species submitted to waterlogging / DREYER, E. ; COLIN BELGRAND, M. ; BIRON, P. [Br.BIB.3138]
Published in:Annales des Sciences Forestieres: vol. 48, pp. 205-214
Interactive effects of nitrate and long-term waterlogging on growth, water relation, and gaseous exchange properties of maize / ASHRAF, M. ; UR-REHMAN, H. [Br.BIB.3007]
Published in:Plant Science: vol. 144, pp. 35-43
Stomatal behavior and water relations of waterlogged tomato plants / Kent J. Bradford ; Theodore C. Hsiao , 1982 [Br.BIB.2586]
Published in:Plant Physiology: vol. 70, pp. 1508-1513
Sensitivity of seedlings from different oak species to waterlogging: effects on root growth and mineral nutrition / COLIN BELGRAND, M. ; DREYER, E. ; BIRON, P. , 1991 [Br.BIB.2577]
Published in:Annales des Sciences Forestieres: vol. 48, pp. 193-204
Water relations, ethylene production, and morphological adaptation of fraxinus pennsylvanica seedlings to flooding / TANG, Z.-C. ; KOZLOWSKI, T.-T. , 1984 [Br.BIB.2589]
Published in:Plant and Soil: vol. 77, pp. 183-192
Morphological and physiological comparisons of clonal lines of eucalyptus camaldulensis. II.* Responses to waterlogging/salinity and alkalinity / Richerd C.-C. Farrell ; David T. Bell ; Kandia Akilan ; John K. Marshall , 1996 [Br.BIB.2591]
Published in:Australian Journal of Plant Physiology: vol. 23, pp. 509-518
Effects of flood pre-conditioning on responses of three bottomland tree species to soil waterlogging / ANDERSON, P.-H. ; REZA PEZESHKI, S. [Br.BIB.3012]
Published in:Journal of Plant Physiology: vol. 158, pp. 227-233
Growth and water use by selected seed sources of eucalyptus under high water table and saline conditions / ZOHAR, Y. ; SCHILLER, G. [Br.BIB.2700]
Published in:Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment: vol. 69 (no 3), pp. 265-277
Photosynthesis and water relations of four oak species: impact of flooding and salinity / MCLEOD, K.-W. ; MCCARRON, J.-K. ; CONNER, W.-H. [Br.BIB.2702]
Published in:Trees: vol.13, pp. 178-187

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