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Sedimentation analysis and the aggregation stability of aqueous alumina suspensions / NAZAROV, V.-V. ; LYUBINA, N.-V. [Br.BIB.2666]
Published in:Colloid Journal: vol. 60 (no 4), pp. 540-544
Limit laws of fuzzy controllers and their application to stability analysis / Bouslama, F. [U7249]
On the order reduction and stability analysis of large electric machines / Toumi, A. ; Kamoun, M.-B.-A. [TA 1997113743]
Published in:European Transactions on Electrical Power (DEU): vol. 8 (no 2), pp. 125-131
New theoretical results on stability regions and bifurcations of nonlinear dynamical systems and their applications to electric power systems analysis / Fekih Ahmed, L. [U12530]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
Nonlinear analysis and stability of planar frames / Aksogan, O. , 1992 [RTU 02]
Published in:Ann. Maghr. Ing.: vol. 06 (no 02), pp. 47-58
Reliability approach application to slope stability analysis / Selmi, M. ; Ltifi, M. ; Belhadj Ali, N. , 2006 [TU B04 MRS]
Published in:Advances in geomaterials and structures (AGS'06): pp. 317-322
Quantitative analysis of 68 polar compounds from ten chemical classes bye direct aqueous injection gas chromatigraphy / Michael L. Knuth ; Marilynn D. Hoglund , 1984 [Br.BIB.563]
Published in:Journal of Chromatography: vol. 285 (no 1), pp. 153-160
Slope stability analysis of jointed rock using the distinct element method / Lorig, L.-J. ; Hart, R.-D. ; Cundall, P.-A. , 1991 [Br.BIB.0210]
Published in:Transportation Research Record: (no 1330), pp. 1-9
Stability analysis of some chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes in Tunisia / Bouslama, M. ; Garoui, A. ; Harrabi, M. [TA 022482]
Published in:Agricoltura Mediterranea: vol. 120 (no 1), pp. 74-78
On Stability Analysis of Switched Linear Time-Delay Systems under Arbitrary Switching / Kermani Marwen ; Anis Sakly [U20602]

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