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Water and thermal management in solid-polymer-electrolyte fuel cells / FULLER, T.-F. ; NEWMAN, J. [Br.BIB.2747]
Published in:Journal of the Electrochemical Society: vol. 140 (no 5), pp. 1218-1225
Simulation/optimization modeling for water resources management / Getachew , 1999 [Br.BIB.1567]
Published in:Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management: vol. 125 (no 3), pp. 154-161
Systems approach to water management / Biswas, Asit K. , 1976 [BIB A04.07 BIS]
Fuzzy relation analysis for multicriteria water resources management / YIN, Y.-Y. ; HUANG, G.-H. ; HIPEL, K.-W. , 1999 [Br.BIB.1579]
Published in:Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management: vol. 125 (no 1), 41-47
Combined water-oxygen pinch analysis for better wastewater treatment management / ZHELEV, T.-K. ; BHAW, N. [Br.BIB.3110]
Published in:Waste Management: vol. 20 (no 8), pp. 665-670
The Physiological effect of nursery water management on the drought tolerance of loblolly pine / Kossentini, M. [U2084]
National water resources management planning based on gis / Keser, G. ; Bogardi, J.-J. [TA 1997847]
Published in:TAHS-AISH Publication (GBR): vol. 0211, pp. 439-448
Water resources management and environment restoration around mining area by installing an ecologic hydropower station; case study: phosphate mining area in southern part of Tunisia / Sehimi, J. ; Bedir, M. , 2009 [TU D05 GHO]
Published in:Proceedings of TJASSST'10 (The 10th Tunisia-Japan Symposium on Society, Science and Technology): pp. 282-283
Appropriate technology for water supply and sanitation. Volume 3: health aspects of excreta and sullage management: a state-of-the-art review / Feachem, Richard G. ; Bradley, David J. ; Garelick, Hemda ; Mara, Duncan D. , 1981 [BIB A05.06 FEA]
Analyse de l'eau: vers des parcs optimisés? / Philipon, Patrick [SP 7-4]
Watever the purpose of an installation being managed, the operator of a water management set-up has be constantly analysing it, usually abiding by several parameters [...]
Published in:L'EAU, L'INDUSTRIE, LES NUISANCES: N° 411 (Avril 2018), p. 33-51

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