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Cost targeting for HEN through simultaneous optimization approach: a unified pinch technology and mathematical programming design of large HEN / KRAVANJA, Z. ; GLAVIC, P. [Br.BIB.2862]
Published in:Computers and Chemical Engineering: vol. 21 (no 8), pp. 833-853
Large-scale pressurized hydraulic network optimal design: an algorithmic approach / Rahal, H. [U10159]
Optimal, bayesian approach to process control and process setting / Mhalla, R. [U9098]
Unified approach to development analysis and planning / Larbi, E. , 1990 [RTU 07]
Published in:Financ. Dev. Maghr.: (no 06), pp. 48-51
Optimal topology design using a global self-organisational approach / PAYTEN, W.-M. ; BEN-NISSAN, B. ; MERCER, D.-J. , 1998 [Br.BIB.1252]
Published in:Optimal Topology Design: vol. 35 (no 3-4), pp. 219-237
Cost-optimal design for cooling towers: selection of the cooling tower range and approach is analyzed and some practical guidelines for sizing cooling towers are presented / Michael Kintner-Meyer ; Ashley F. Emery , 1995 [Br.BIB.1594]
Published in:ASHRAE Journal: vol. 37 (no 4), pp. 46-55
An Optimal stopping approach for the dynamic knapsack problem / Krichen, Saoussen ; Ben-Romdhane, Hajer , 2010 [RTU 03]
Published in:Annales des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion: (no 2010), pp. 265-275
A New approach for managing web services communities: a semantic cache for queries optimization / Limam Hela ; Akaichi, J. [U21466]
H design with pole placement constraints: an LMI approach / CHILALI, M. ; GAHINET, P. [Br.BIB.2153]
Published in:IEEE Transactions on Automatic ConTrol: vol. 41 (no 3), pp. 358-367
Impacts of the radio frequency identification technology upon the supply chain approach with the newsboy model / Rekik, Y. [U16225]

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