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Effect of interfacial tension on linear viscoelastic behavior of immiscible polymer blends / BOUSMINA, M. [Br.BIB.2991]
Published in:Rheologica Acta: vol. 38, pp. 251-254
The Effect of surfactant charge on micellization behavior / MINARDI, R.-M. ; SCHULZ, P.-C. ; VUANO, B. , 1997 [Br.BIB.2105]
Published in:Colloid & Polymer Science: vol. 275 (no 8), pp. 754-759
Gas chromatography-olfactometry of orange juice to assess the effects of plastic polymers on aroma character / MARIN, A.-B. ; ACREE, T.-E. ; HOTCHKISS, J.-H. ; NAGY, S. , 1992 [Br.BIB.1351]
Published in:Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: vol. 40 (no 4), pp. 650-654
Numerical study of the effect of mainflow transverse velocities in linear stability theory for a plane jet / Mokni, N. ; Marzouk, S. ; Mhiri, H. ; Le-Palec, G. ...[et al.] , 2000 [RTU 02]
Published in:Ann. Maghr. Ing.: vol. 14 (no 1), pp. 29-50
Effect of continuous female exposition on testosterone level and sexual behavior in male dromedary camel / Fatnassi, M. ; Padalino, B. ; Monaco, D. ; Hamed, N.-M. ...[et al.] , 2016 [RTU 14]
Published in:Revue des Régions Arides: (no 39), pp. 49-62
Surface and sub-surface recharge effects on shallow groundwater behavior in an experimental model / Ibrahimi, M.-K. ; Miyazaki, T. ; Nishikawa, K. ; Nishimura, T. ...[et al.] , 2009 [TU D05 GHO]
Published in:Proceedings of TJASSST'10 (The 10th Tunisia-Japan Symposium on Society, Science and Technology): pp. 273-276
The Effect of variable stratification on linear doubly diffusive stability / Zangrando, F. ; Lee A. Bertram , 1985 [Br.BIB.364]
Published in:Journal of Fluid Mechanics: vol. 151, pp. 55-79
Adsorption modification of dispersed aluminum: the effect of surfactant and polymer adsorption on the colloidal and mechanical properties of aluminum organosuspensions / KOLESNIKOVA, T.-P. ; POLUNINA, I.-A. ; ROLDUGHIN, V.-I. [Br.BIB.2656]
Published in:Colloid Journal: vol. 64 (no 3), pp. 354-362
Quels traitements pour les composés perfluorés en eau potable? / Gaid, Kader [SP 7-4]
Poly-and pefluoroalkyl substances(PFAS's) are widespread in the environment and will soon be regulated by the EU for water intended for human consumption. [...]
Published in:L'EAU, l'INDUSTRIE, LES NUISANCES: N° 426 (Novembre 2019), p. 67-76
Pleasant odors and congruency: effects on approach behavior / Susan C. Knasko , 1995 [Br.BIB.598]
Published in:Chemical Senses: vol. 20 (no 5) pp. 579-587

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