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Flavours for juices and nectars / MESTERS, T.-A. [Br.BIB.3390]
Published in:Fruit Processing: vol. 8 (no 8), pp. 327-331
Opalescent and cloudy fruit juices: formation and particle stability / BEVERIDGE, T. [Br.BIB.2975]
Published in:Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition: vol. 42 (no 4), pp. 317-337
Production of essential oils and flavours in plant cell and tissue cultures. A Review / MULDER KRIEGER, T. ; VERPOORTE, R. ; BAERHEIM SVENDSEN, A. ; SCHEFFER, J.-J.-C. , 1988 [Br.BIB.759]
Published in:Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture: vol. 13, pp. 85-154
Inhibition of pectinesterase activity in fruit juices / CASTALDO, D. ; LOVOI, A. ; BALESTRIERI, C. ; GIOVANE, A. [Br.BIB.2981]
Published in:20TH International Symposium of the Federation of Fruit Juice Producers par is 1990 16-18 Mai: pp. 333-338
Analysis of volatile constituents of prickly pear juice / Di-CESARE, L.-F. ; NANI, R. [Br.BIB.2982]
Published in:Fruit Processing: vol. 2 (no 1), pp. 6-8
A Comparative study on the determination of lactic acid in silage juice by colorimetric, high-performance liquid chromatography and enzymatic methods / MADRID, J. ; MARTINEZ TERUEL, A. ; HERNANDEZ, F. ; MEGIAS, M.-D. [Br.BIB.2228]
Published in:Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture: vol. 79, pp. 1722-1726
Antioxidant activity and preventive effect of (opuntia ficus indica F. inermis) concentrated fruit juice against ethanol-induced lipid peroxidation in rats / Alimi, Hichem ; Bouoni, Zouhour ; Hfaiedh, Najla ; Sakly, Mohsen , 2013 [RTU 12]
Published in:Revue de la Faculte des Sciences de Bizerte: vol. 11, p. 160-169
Resveratrol concentration in muscadine berries, juice, pomace, purees, seeds, and wines / ECTOR, B.-J. ; MAGEE, J.-B. ; HEGWOOD, C.-P. ; COIGN, M.-J. , 1996 [Br.BIB.2454]
Published in:American Journal of Enology and Viticulture: vol. 47 (no 1), pp. 57-62
Purification of human lysozyme from milk and pancreatic juice / WANG, C.-S. ; KLOER, H.-U. [Br.BIB.2892]
Published in:Analytical Biochemistry: vol. 139, pp. 224-227
Evaluation of the total antioxidant activity as a marker of the deterioration of apple juice on storage / MILLER, N.-J. ; DIPLOCK, A.-T. ; RICE EVANS, C.-A. [Br.BIB.2873]
Published in:Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: vol. 43 (no 7), pp. 1794-1801

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