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Combining pinch and exergy analysis for process modifications / FENG, X. ; ZHU, X.-X. [Br.BIB.3430]
Published in:Applied Thermal Engineering: vol. 17 (no 3), pp. 249-261
Combined exergy and pinch approach to process analysis / SORIN, M. ; PARIS, J. [Br.BIB.2861]
Published in:Computers Chem. Engng: vol. 21, pp. 23-28
Use of extented exergy analysis to evaluate the environmental performance of machining processes / CREYTS, J.-C. ; CAREY, V.-P. [Br.BIB.2834]
Published in:Proceedings - Institution of Mechanical Engineers: vol. 213, pp.247-264
Energy integration of industrial processes based on the pinch analysis method extended to include exergy factors / STAINE, F. ; FAVRAT, D. [Br.BIB.3371]
Published in:Applied Thermal Engineering: vol. 16 (no 6), pp. 497-507
Reliability analysis applied to modeling of hydrologic processes / Maalel, K. [U2082]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
Analysis of morphogenetic processes of olive tree growth development and production / Hammami Sofiene ; Rapoport, H. [U17988]
Second law analysis of energy devices and processes / Cambel, Ali B. ; Heffern, George A. ; Cutler, D.-W. ; Ghamarian, A. [BIB B05 CAM]
Characterization of processed cheese by statistical analysis applied to H1 time domain NMR signals: influence of dry matter and fat content / VACKIER, M.-C. ; LACOMBE, S. ; RUTLEDGE, D.-N. , 1998 [Br.BIB.826]
Published in:Seminars in Food Analysis: vol. 3 (no 3), pp. 267-286
Pitch detection and formant analysis of Arabic speech processing / Cherif, A. ; Bouafif, L. ; Dabbabi, T. [TA 2001306255]
Published in:Applied Acoustics (GBR): vol. 62 (no 10), pp. 1129-1140
Competitive analysis of order fulfillment processes among manufacturers of workstations and client / servers desktop computers / Naas Hachem, L. [U12231]

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