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Nonlinear mechanics of woven and knitted materials / Kawabata, S. , 1989 [Br.BIB.0087]
Published in:Textile structural composites : vol. 3, pp. 67-116
A Unified nonlinear formulation for plate and shell theories / Perngjin F. Pai ; Ali H. Nayfeh , 1994 [Br.BIB.2068]
Published in:Nonlinear Dynamics: vol. 6 (no 4), pp. 459-500
Novel materials and techniques in condensed matter / Crabtree, George W. ; Vashishta, Priya , 1982 [BIB A02.04 CRA]
The Effect of non-uniformly distributed contamination and inert material on the flash over voltage of transmission line insulators / Ouerfelli, M.-A. [U9657]
Mechanism of surfactant effect in flame and plasma atomic spectrometry / Zheng Yin Yan ; Wuming Zhang , 1989 [Br.BIB.2107]
Published in:Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry: vol. 4, pp. 797-799
Nonlinear analysis and stability of planar frames / Aksogan, O. , 1992 [RTU 02]
Published in:Ann. Maghr. Ing.: vol. 06 (no 02), pp. 47-58
Broyeurs et dilacérateurs: des équipements qui deviennent indispensables / Bouchet, Christophe [SP 7-4]
Motivated by the proliferation of wipes whose use shows no signs of slowing down, shredders and grinders are a good way to cope with the proliferation of unwanted solid materials in waste water that put some equipment to the test. [...]
Published in:L'EAU, l'INDUSTRIE, LES NUISANCES: N° 427 (Décembre 2019), p. 97-106
Fault estimation in nonlinear uncertain systems using robust /sliding-mode observers / JIANG, B. ; STAROSWIECKI, M. ; COCQUEMPOT, V. [Br.BIB.2222]
Published in:Iee Proceedings. Control Theory and Applications: vol. 151 (no 1), pp. 29-37
Robust fault detection in nonlinear systems using sliding mode observers / SREEDHAR, R. ; FERNANDEZ, B. ; MASADA, G.-Y. [Br.BIB.2230]
Published in:IEEE Conference on Control Applications, Septembre 13-16, 1993 Vancouver, B.C: vol. 2, pp. 715-721
Pompes pour eaux chargées: adapter la solution au media / Meeschaert, Pascale ; Bouchet, Christophe [SP 7-4]
The concept of highly contaminated water encompasses a very wide range of effluents that call for differentiated responses. [...]
Published in:L'EAU, l'INDUSTRIE, LES NUISANCES: N° 430 (Mars 2020), p. 61-77

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