Open Access Policies

 1. Open Access Policy
2. Repository Policies
      3.1 Metadata Policy
      3.2 Data Policy
      3.3 Content Policy
      3.4 Submission Policy
      3.5 Preservation Policy

Open Access Policy

Recognizing the importance and the added value of the open access movement on optimizing the research visibility and preservation and also adopting the policy below, partners universities adheres to the movement to allow the widest and easiest dissemination way for its scientific production.
So that, every researcher has to deposit in the Tunisian University Open Archive “AOUT” repository his own publications held within his search activity in the university.
By publications we mean the types below:

This policy is applicable to the above document types produced by authors and co-authors affiliated within the institution and looking up to intellectual property under the repository license where the submitter gives to the University irrevocable non-exclusive rights fixing the access and dissemination dues.
The Scientific Councils are the only able to interpret this policy, resolving conflicts of interpretation and application.
The policy will be reviewed every two years by the University Council in consultation with the Scientific Councils and a report will be submitted to the institutions concerned.
The CNUDST may recommend to universities, changes and modifications to this policy.

Repository Policies

Powered by CNUDST, the aim of the repository is to improve dissemination and visibility of a variety of scholarly materials throughout the academic communities and general public and to provide a free and persistent point of access.

The Repository provides a robust, statewide platform for saving, discovering and sharing—free of charge—the instructional, research, historic and creative materials produced by participating institutions.

The repository is a nationwide network of centrally-hosted collections from participating institutions. It benefits instruction and research by providing a single access point to Tunisian scholarly knowledge. Imagine being able to save your institution's knowledge materials without having to fund the hardware, software and staff necessary to maintain the technical system. The repository uncovers this hidden knowledge and makes it freely available to scholars worldwide.

Metadata Policy

Metadata Policy for information describing items in the repository

Data Policy

Data Policy for full-text and other full data items

Content Policy

Content Policy for types of document & data set held This is a multi-institution subject-based repository.

Submission Policy

Submission Policy concerning depositors, quality & copyright.

Preservation Policy